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This Moon and Me Vehicle with Figure allows the fun and laughter of the Moon and Me children’s television series to go on long after each episode finishes. The TV series is known for its adorably unique characters, and the story of friends from many different backgrounds coming together to go on heart-warming and imaginative adventures. With this Moon and Me Vehicle with Figure toy, children can recreate their favourite parts of the series, or even get creative and form their own stories and scenarios inspired by the characters. This toy is an ideal addition to hands-on playtime, combining their favourite TV characters with their own imagination.

This set comes with a 2.75 inch Mr Onion figure that has been specially designed to suit little hands, making it easy to grasp and carry. It also includes a Bumper Roller, a signature part of the series, providing hours of fun as children roll it along, hooking and shovelling with Mr Onion. The convenient size of this plastic figure and toy also makes it a great companion to travel with, allowing the Moon and Me adventures to continue wherever you may be.

  • Suitable for ages 18 months and over.

  • Includes Mr Onion and Bumper Roller plastic toys.

  • You will receive one character at random per order.

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18 months+



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