My First Baby Annabell Doll

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Meet baby Annabell, a beautiful doll who your child will love and adore. Dressed in an adorable pink romper suit and cute beanie hat, My First Baby Annabell Doll is the ideal companion for your little one as they grow and develop.

Children can learn to care for Annabell, feeding her with her pink bottle, giving her loving kisses and cuddles throughout the day and putting her to sleep at night. Her beautiful blue eyes are bright and engaging, and close softly when she goes to sleep – hopefully encouraging your child to drift off at night too!

Baby Annabell’s soft-bodied design means your child will be perfectly comfy cuddling up to her, as they develop their emotional awareness and understanding through play and imagination. This doll can be the perfect introduction for teaching children about caring for babies.

Annabell is a fantastic first doll for any child, making a great bedtime story buddy, tea party guest or companion as you go around the shops. Once your child has met Annabell, they’re sure to be inseparable best friends.

  • Comes with pink feeding bottle accessory.

  • Soft-bodied doll.

  • Bright blue eyes that close when sleeping.

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Recommended age:

1 year+


Zapf Creation

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