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'Whilst many children's story books are filled with colourful hand-drawn pictures, Naughty Bus is something completely different. By Jan and Jerry Oke, Naughty Bus features real photographs throughout. There's so much to see in each picture, with real images and items that little ones will recognise from around their own homes and neighbourhoods.

Unlike other stories, all text is in the form of speech. It's easy to understand, helping children to develop their language skills, and is filled with kid-friendly humour. All photographs have been carefully taken at a child's eye level, reflecting their view of the world.

Naughty Bus is a small red toy bus, given to the boy in the story as a beautifully wrapped gift. He's told 'This is for you', and then quickly asked 'Did you say thank you?'. Any child that's reading could be the child in the story, allowing them to get involved in a fully immersive bedtime story. Different fonts and styles of writing are used throughout, adding an extra element of fun to this unique children's book.

  • All images are photographs taken at child's eye level.

  • A fun book with creative use of fonts and typography.

  • Easy to read and accessible to young children.

  • Little readers will spot things from the world around them.

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3 years+


Little Knowall Publishing

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