Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth

Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth


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The Nerf Super Soaker SplashMouth is the ideal toy for children, and those still young at heart, to have fun and enjoy a great time with friends. The water blaster comes with one guarantee; you’re going to get wet whilst having an exciting time.

Nerf Super Soakers have two settings for releasing water at your competition: blast it or dump it. One way or another your rivals are going to get very wet. As you get into the heart of your battle, you can choose to shock your rivals with a jet of water. Or if you are feeling very naughty, you can unleash the tank and surprise them with a giant wave of water.

This toy is an excellent way for families and friends to use their imagination to enjoy a series of fun games and battle to become the best water super soakers.

  • Suitable for outdoor use only.

  • Simply dunk it into the water to fill the toy’s tank.

  • Choose between two battle modes - blasting or dumping - to fire water at your rivals.

  • Each tank can contain up to 591 millilitres.

  • Warning: This toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old. For use under adult supervision.

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6 years+



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