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Written by Emily Gravett, The Odd Egg is a charming picture book that's perfect for bedtime stories. Gravett also provided her own illustrations, which bring a splash of colour to every single page.

The Odd Egg tells the story of Duck, who finds his very own egg to look after. But, his egg isn't like a normal duck egg. In fact, it has something very different inside. Children will love the fun surprise at the end of this story, as Duck takes his new baby for a stroll.

The Odd Egg is a creative book with visual jokes, cute characters and plenty of imaginative charm. It's a book that young children will love to listen to, even once they've heard the ending. Look out for lots of opportunities for early readers to spot the short bits of speech, from Owl's claim 'That egg is odd!' to the mocking proclamations 'Ha ha!' and 'Hee hee!'. Children can join in with this story as it's read aloud, with plenty of memorable moments.

  • Written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

  • Features split pages for visual jokes and twists.

  • Easy to understand language, perfect for restful reading as a bedtime story.

  • A fun surprise at the end.

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