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A clever sequel to the hilarious children's book Oi Frog!, this children's picture book is written by the talented Kes Gray. Illustrated by Jim Field, Oi Cat! is a witty story that's perfect for reading aloud.

In the original Oi Frog!, Cat made the rules and insisted that frogs sat on logs. Now, it's cats turn to listen to frog, and he doesn't like the new rules. A fantastic twist on the early reading trope that the cat sits on the mat, this book is sure to appeal to children and adults alike.

Filled with rhyming words, Oi Cat! is a great way to help young readers with their phonics. It can also be used to develop prediction skills that are very important in primary school. Where does your child think armadillos are expected to sit? This silly story is filled with bold and colourful illustrations, which are sure to be a talking point as you read through the book at bedtime.

  • A witty story full of humour, by author Kes Gray.

  • Illustrated by Jim Field.

  • A fantastic sequel to the popular picture book Oi Frog!

  • Teaches early readers important skills like prediction.

  • Great for discussing phonics and rhyming words.

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