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A fun introduction to basic rhymes and phonics, Oi Frog! is a children's picture book by Kes Gray, with illustrations by Jim Field. Filled with humour for children and adults, it's a great bedtime story and easy to read for those that want to try it on their own.

Early on, children are taught that 'the cat sits on the mat'. Frog, apparently, sits on the log. But this time, Frog doesn't want to sit on the log, and he's ready to bravely stand up for his right to sit somewhere else. Encouraging children to use all-important prediction skills that they'll be expected to have in primary school, you can read aloud and share this story together.

This children's storybook features fun rhythmic rhymes, with entertaining pictures that will keep the attention of very little listeners. It's one that you'll want on your bookshelf, and that children will want to pick up over and over again.

  • A fun book using rhymes and plenty of humour.

  • Written with wit by Kes Gray.

  • Can be enjoyed by early readers.

  • Useful for teaching prediction skills that children are expected to use in primary school.

  • With bold illustrations by the talented Jim Field.

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