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You’ll have to mind your Ps and Qs as you embark upon a game of classic Scrabble.

The ultimate test of brainpower (and the ability to know lots of obscure two-letter words), Scrabble is not only great fun for all the family but educational too. Scrabble is a brilliant board game for children to develop vocabulary and use their brain as they take on their friends and family in this battle of wit and wisdom.

Take seven letter tiles and see what words can be created to accumulate points. Different letters have different points values; and don’t forget to take advantage of the double and triple word scores on the board too.

Perfect for parties, a family games night or simply a chilled-out rainy afternoon indoors, the whole family can get involved and enjoy testing themselves and pitting their wits against each other.

  • Recommended for players aged 8+

  • Accumulate points by spelling out words with the letter tiles you are dealt.

  • Hit as many double and triple word score squares as possible to increase your tally.

  • Two blank tiles can be played as any letter.

  • Improve your vocabulary while having fun.

  • Manufactured by Mattel.

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8 years+



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