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Meet Acrochantosaurus - one of the most fearsome carnivores of the Cretaceous age.

Made by French toy manufacturer Papo, this little Acrochantosaurus toy is just 28cm long. That may not be as impressive as the 12m span of the actual dinosaurs who roamed the earth millions of years ago, but thanks to its intricately hand-painted exterior, this figure is still a pretty convincing replica.

The attention to detail in this Acrochantosaurus figure's design means that your child can discover all about how the creature would have looked. Its spine also has tiny spikes running along it, which are the reason that Acrochantosaurus was given its name - it literally translates to 'high thorns'.

As well as educating your child about what these ancient beasts would have looked like, this Acrochantosaurus figure is a wonderful addition to any dinosaur lover's collection. It's also made from high-quality, durable plastic, so it will continue to look pristine even after hours of play!

  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 years and above.

  • Figure dimensions 28cm x 6.30cm x 15.40cm.

  • Hand-painted figure includes realistic detailing.

  • Ideal toy for helping children develop their imaginative play skills.

  • Compatible with other figures in Papo's Dinosaur collection.

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