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Measuring up to 12 metres long, towering 4.6 metres high and weighing 2 tonnes, the Allosaurus was an impressive dinosaur. Roaming the earth over 80 million years ago, the Allosaurus was one of the largest carnivores of the Jurassic period. Allosaurus means ‘different lizard’ and the dinosaur certainly has a unique look, which is replicated in great detail in this hand-painted model.

The model replicates the original Allosaurus's features, such as the ridged skull with two large bumps over the eyes, small forearms each with three claws, powerful legs and a large tail to act as a counterbalance. The intricate attention to detail on the figurine provides educational benefits so children learn while they play. The hand-painted finish means this model looks fantastic on display in any bedroom, so there's no need for it just to be confined to the toy box.

The figure features a movable lower jaw which adds extra opportunities for action during play. Children will delight in opening the dinosaur’s powerful jaws to reveal its sharp teeth. Dinosaur fans can pretend the toy is roaring and eating during imaginative play which is so important for social, emotional and language development.

  • Realistic representation of an Allosaurus.

  • Hand-painted detail for life-like finish.

  • Movable lower jaw to encourage imaginative play.

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