Papo Ankylosaurus Figure

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This amazing ankylosaurus toy is the perfect addition to your child's dinosaur collection! With stunning details including the ankylosaurus' famous clubbed tail and strong spikes, this hand-painted dinosaur toy is perfect for sparking imaginative play. A firm favourite from the cretaceous period, this realistic ankylosaurus toy is a sturdy and incredibly well-made figurine.

This realistic dinosaur toy is perfect for kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs and can be great for learning about the prehistoric world. The name ankylosaurus means rigid lizard, and these unusual dinosaurs are many children's favourites. For kids who are serious about dinosaurs, they will love the exceptional detail of this Papo ankylosaurus figure. Figurines are a great way to encourage your child to learn about the past and the scientific discoveries of today. This toy ankylosaurus is perfect for introducing the idea of fossils and palaeontology to curious minds.

These strong herbivores were six to nine meters long, weighed around four tonnes and were about two meters tall. This herbivore wasn't easy prey, with a solid cuirass, spiked quills on its back and a club-shaped tail for defence. The ankylosaurus was also known as the battle tank of the dinosaur world.

  • One of the most recognisable dinosaurs from the cretaceous period.

  • Stunning details and realism.

  • Perfect for future palaeontologists.

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