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Papo have always been renowned for their beautifully hand-painted and realistic figures, and the Papo Baryonyx Figure is no exception to that. This figure has been meticulously crafted for any child or adult collector to enjoy. The Papo Baryonyx Figure is remarkable, sporting a rough ridgeback and an orange tail. Also included is the Baryonyx’s big, fearsome claws, giving off an air of terror. Papo has paid attention to the small details such as the small horn on the top of the head. Pay particular notice of the shape of the narrow and long skull of this dinosaur, with his nostrils placed further behind.

Check out the Papo Baryonyx ferocious teeth that are specially serrated for catching the fish that this dinosaur just loved to eat. With his long claws and large snout, this dinosaur could breathe both on land and in the water. The Baryonyx is special because of the claw he has on his thumb to help catch prey. The front legs are much smaller than their hind legs, the latter of which were incredibly powerful.

  • Suitable for children aged three years old and up due to small parts.

  • Meticulously hand-painted to show off all of the details a Baryonyx really would have had.

  • Ideal for imaginative play and for helping children create their own prehistoric adventures.

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