Papo Black Reared Up Horse Figure

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Inspire a young animal lover’s imagination with Papo’s beautiful black rearing up horse figure. Set in an active and dramatic pose, this horse figure is the ideal accessory for storytelling and role-playing games, and can be part of an endless of array of adventures and narratives. It’s a perfect toy for stimulating a child’s imagination and letting their ideas run wild. This fantastic animal figure includes plenty of detail to talk about, making it a great choice to help with language development and creative thinking.

Your child will be amazed by the realism of this rearing up horse, which is painstakingly painted by hand in France for a lifelike look that is truly mesmerising. Not only is it beautifully finished, but this toy is crafted with great care to make it durable and long-lasting – perfect for continuing to inspire kids as they grow up. Children who love to play with animal toys will be delighted to add this black horse figure to their collection.

  • Suitable for age three years plus.

  • Painted by hand for a lifelike finish.

  • Durable and long-lasting toy.

  • Measures 90cm x 64cm x 80cm.

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3 years+



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