Papo Brown Running T-Rex Figure

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The Papo Brown Running T-Rex Figure is one of the newest additions to the Papo collection of figures. With realistic details and intricate paintwork, this Papo T-Rex Figure is a standout among other dinosaur toys. Each figure has been hand-painted and all of the details have been painstakingly applied for realism such as the posture, scales and weight.

Similar to a replica you would find in a museum, this figure has been sculpted to be a complete copy of a T-Rex. The model's jaw is articulated and when moved shows off a set of ferocious-looking teeth. The scales of the dinosaur are textured to mimic what they actually may have felt like. Completing the T-Rex figure are its signature beady eyes, made to spot you no matter how far away you are. This king of the dinosaurs is not one to be messed with.

Perfect for collectors or for imaginative play, the Papo Running T-Rex Figure offers up a whole new world of education and imagination, as well as value for money. The figure stands at around five inches tall and is approximately 12 inches in length.

  • Hand-painted T-Rex figure.

  • Truly realistic almost museum replica figure.

  • Brilliant toy for supporting imagination and education in children.

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