Papo Common Kingfisher

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Even the hardest of hearts have been known to beat faster when a glimpse is caught of this beautiful bird darting and flitting swiftly along riverbanks. In fact, an alternative name for it is the river kingfisher. Its glorious blue and orange plumage is a welcome brightening of the scene during the dullest of days and truly sparkling when the sunshine catches on its feathers.

The Common Kingfisher is found widely across both Eurasia and Northern Africa, and is noted for its short tail yet large head. As you can see, it feeds mainly on smaller fish, often pouncing from a resting place perched above or beside the river.

This superb Papo Common Kingfisher is a recent addition to the extensive range from this much-respected French company, which has spent the last quarter of a century or so developing their range of quality products.

Take this chance to add the superbly colourful and amazingly realistic Papo Common Kingfisher to the objects you use to involve the minds of the young ones.

  • A realistic hand-painted figurine.

  • Great for 3-year-olds and above.

  • Encourages young imaginations to enjoy the glory of the avian world.

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