Papo Competition Horse With Rider Figure

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With Papo’s competition horse with rider figure, your child can open up a thrilling world of racing, show jumping, and trophies that will give them endless entertainment. This appealing figure depicts an elegant horse complete with a champion rider, perfect for encouraging young imaginations to come up with a whole host of exciting stories, games, and scenarios. There’s no limit to the adventures this horse and rider can take part in – your little one will develop confidence and build on their language skills as they enjoy this figure with stories and role-plays.

Young equestrians will be delighted by the great level of detail in this figure, so it also works as a fantastic collectable. Carefully designed and painted by hand for a truly realistic finish, there’s so much about this figure for kids to enjoy exploring and discovering. This toy is durable; it can stand up to lots of busy play and is built to be long-lasting. Young animal lovers can continue to enjoy this exciting toy as they grow.

  • Suitable for age three years plus.

  • Perfect for plays and storytelling.

  • Hand-painted for a realistic finish.

  • Durable and well-made figure.

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3 years+



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