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White wings flap, a gentle cooing is heard, soft feet tap against a branch, and the dove takes flight!

Holding a laurel branch in its delicate beak, this Papo toy dove stands with its wings spread wide, facing forward with keen black eyes set against snow-white feathers.

This realistic plastic dove figure is from Papo, which means no expense has been spared in pursuit of shocking fidelity. As a fixed stance figurine, the Papo dove is durable as both a toy and as a decoration. With individual wing feathers, true to life poses, and coloured feet, beak, and laurel branch, you won't find a dove figure that more accurately conveys the grace and poise of this amazing bird.

A widely recognised symbol of peace, this Papo dove figure is posed in a way that's ideal for both flight and static stance, allowing young children to play energetically, learn about nature, or assemble their own nature dioramas. If you want your child to grow up with an appreciation of the natural world, this dove figure can create a bond with wildlife they're likely to see in their everyday lives, connecting imaginative play to practical relevance.

  • Unique, hand-painted figurine.

  • Modelled on a real dove with lifelike touches.

  • Perfect toy for enlivening nature scenes.

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3 years+



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