Papo Grey Wolf Figure

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There is something majestic yet wild about a wolf. It's easy to imagine the plaintive howl echoing through a forest or across a barren landscape. Young children often seem instinctively drawn to wolves. Perhaps this is through the creature's similarity, yet also differences, compared to a beloved pet dog.

This terrific Grey Wolf Figure, from legendary French company Papo, who have been creating such great children's playthings for around a quarter of a century, is carefully hand-painted to highlight the stunning realistic detail of this proud yet slightly mysterious and even foreboding creature.

To build on the initial impression, you can tell tales about how wolves live in packs, occupying their own territory and you might even demonstrate the howls through which they can communicate over distance! A pack functions as a family, with a dominant male and female pair and their cubs. Their territory, which they scour endlessly for food, has its boundaries marked by smell, will be fiercely defended, and can stretch out across several hundred square kilometres.

Adding this wonderful Papo Grey Wolf Figure will help stimulate any child's love for one of the planet's greatest wild animals.

  • Suitable for children age 3 years and above.

  • Great for stimulating a child's imagination.

  • Carefully hand-painted with stunning realistic detail.

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3 years+



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