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Your child can experience all the magic and wonder of life in the woodlands, thanks to Papo’s adorable hedgehog figure. This cute animal figure fits right into their hand or pocket and is durable enough to join them on any journey or adventure. Papo’s hedgehog figure is painted by hand for an impressive finish that’s incredibly lifelike and is sure to excite and inspire children.

This toy is a great way to stimulate your little one’s imagination as they think of all the adventures a hedgehog might experience. It makes a perfect addition to a wildlife enthusiast’s toy collection, and kids who love animals will delight in inventing endless games and stories to enjoy with this character. This hedgehog figure is a fantastic prop for stories, plays, and role-playing games, all of which are great ways to encourage language development and creative thinking. There’s no limit to the fun that kids can create with this wonderful woodland character.

  • Suitable for age three years plus.

  • Hand-painted lifelike details.

  • Easily fits into a pocket or hand.

  • Measures 4.50 cm x 2.60 cm x 2.60 cm.

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3 years+



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