Papo Horse Washing Box Figure

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Horse lovers will adore playing with the Papo Horse Washing Box Figure!

Made in a size that’s ideal for your little one to handle, this horse washing box is an incredibly realistic replica of a real one. Papo prides itself on its designs, paying very close attention to detail. This horse washing box comes with seven accessories, which include scrubbing brushes, a cleaning equipment storage box with handle, some carrots and a food crate with handles. Encouraging creative and realistic play, the Papo horse washing box figure is a great part of the Papo Horses, Foals and Ponies collection to own.

Whether the horse has been galloping across a muddy field and needs to be hosed down, has been jumping in a riding contest and could do with a spray of water to cool down or just needs to be showered off after a dressage class, the washing box has everything the rider needs. Don’t forget to tie the horse’s lead through the hook before starting. Make sure every part of the horse is cleaned thoroughly, thanks to the movable hose stand and ensure the horse is brushed down carefully using the different brushes provided.

  • A horse model is not provided.

  • The horse washing box comes with seven accessories.

  • The sturdy design allows for continuous play.

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3 years+



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