Papo Ice Unicorn Figure

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A beautiful unicorn figure set in a compelling pose that allows for varied play. This fixed-pose figure is less likely to get broken or lose any pieces, which means no more tears.

The nights grow colder, frost begins to form, and in the deep, dark woods, the woodcutters notice that their breath has begun to form in crystal clouds. Winter is coming, and that means the Ice Queen will soon arrive...

Silent against a soft blanket of fallen snow, glittering hooves stride confidently forward. This is the Ice Queen's fabled unicorn - bound to her until she should deign to take a king - and the people of the township crowd to the windows to catch a glimpse of its legendary form.

The Papo Ice Unicorn figure recreates this magical horse in exacting detail, from the icy blue of its glittering, icicle-bedecked mane to the snowy white of its flanks and the thawless blue of its eyes.

Designed as a static figure, the Papo Ice Unicorn strikes a beautiful but versatile pose, working well as a decorative toy for the rooms of imaginative children, but easily transformed into a stately canter or a frantic gallop as the unicorn's adventure unfolds for dynamic play. You may have thought unicorns only existed in story books, but here's a chance to have your own!

  • Unique, hand-painted figurine.

  • Lack of articulation makes for a sturdy build and durable play.

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3 years+



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