Papo Jumping Horse With Riding Girl Figure

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Little ones who are fascinated with horses and show jumping can create endless fun with Papo’s jumping horse with riding girl figure. This elegant horse figure is poised for that big jump and comes complete with a confident rider to guide it to victory. This expressive figure can be included in a never-ending array of stories, narratives, and plays – it’s a fantastic toy for encouraging creativity and stimulating the imagination. Kids will also develop their language skills and confidence as they incorporate this horse and rider figure into a huge range of fun stories and games.

This figure features lots of fascinating detail for children to enjoy and is painted by hand for a truly realistic look that little ones will be mesmerised by. Designed and made by expert toymakers, this figure is robust and durable, making it fantastic for playing with in a variety of scenarios. This toy is designed to last and will keep delighting your child as they grow older.

  • Suitable for age three years plus.

  • Great for stimulating the imagination.

  • Painted by hand in France for truly realistic detail.

  • Robust and durable toy, designed to last.

  • 10 cm x 16 cm x 19 cm.

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3 years+



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