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Your little one can instantly bring a mystical world of knights and legends to life by playing with this exciting King Arthur figure from Papo. Poised for battle, King Arthur can be incorporated into lots of different games, stories, and narratives, providing hours of stimulation for your child’s imagination – the only limit is their creativity! This figure is a fantastic prop for plays and acting out stories, helping kids to develop their confidence, creative thinking, and language skills.

This fascinating royal figure is carefully painted by hand in France to guarantee a truly lifelike appearance that will enthral and inspire little ones. Designed and made for longevity, this is a highly durable toy that is perfect for taking part in dramatic medieval battles. The King Arthur figure opens up limitless new adventures for kids and will continue to stimulate and entertain them as they grow older.

  • Suitable for children aged three years and over.

  • Designed and painted by hand in France.

  • A durable figure designed for longevity.

  • Features realistic, lifelike details.

  • Measures 11.60 cm x 9.10 cm x 12.60 cm.

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3 years+



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