Papo King Arthur Horse

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Coming straight from the Castles and Knights collection by this famous French toy design, the Papo King Arthur Horse has been intricately hand-painted in beautiful and vivid colours. This fantasy figure will take your child’s imaginative and creative play to a whole new level. Let them think up their own realm of King Arthur as the knights gather around the Round Table before jumping on their noble steed, the Papo King Arthur Horse. This horse has been made to an approximate 1:20 scale and measures around 15 x 6 x 9 cm in length, width and height.

Made from a very durable PVC, the horse has been finished in a non-toxic acrylic paint so it’s completely safe for children, as well as being incredibly durable for playtime. This horse has details to match the Papo King Arthur, with gold saddle armour and robes in the classic white, red and black fleur de lis pattern. The Papo King Arthur Horse is a great collector’s piece and is also ideal for your child’s role play, helping to encourage and expand on their education and imagination through play.

  • Figure has been hand-painted in non-toxic paint.

  • Matches the King Arthur figure in truly realistic colours.

  • An ideal companion for education and imaginative play.

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3 years+



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