Papo Lion Figure

Papo Lion Figure


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Explore sub-Saharan Africa alongside the king of the jungle, the Papo Lion Figure. This figure has been painstakingly hand-painted to show the majestic lion in his real form. Included in this male lion figure is his big mane and powerful stance. This lion has a strong yet compact body with very powerful forelegs, built specifically for running quickly and across long distances. Lions live in their own little groups called prides, and having one or more of these Papo Lion Figures means you can have a pride of your own.

With the help of the Papo Lion Figure, you can help develop your child’s imagination and engages them in creative play. This figure has been detailed to a very high standard so that it replicates a lion you would see out in the wild. All international safety standards have been conformed to when creating this figure. Part of the Wild Animal Kingdom collection from Papo, this is the perfect addition to any adult or child’s collection of wild animals.

  • This figure has been painted to show off the specific details of the lion.

  • The figure has been replicated to museum standards to show true likeness to the real thing.

  • Ideal for supporting your child’s role playing skills and helping to educate them about different animals.

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