Papo Lioness With Cub Figure

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If lions are the 'king of beasts' then this lioness is certainly 'queen' and her cub a fluffy bundle, blind at birth. The infant won't remain this way, or be carried in its mother's jaws, for long. In fact, by six months of age, it's usually weaned.

This Papo Lioness With Cub Figure shows the mixture of cat-like grace, yet backed up with awesome power, that is a key feature of many of the big cats.

As you introduce youngsters to this beautiful pair of creatures, you will be showing them a hunter, both lighter, but still weighing in at 150kg and above, and faster, than the male of the species. Lionesses tend to hunt in groups. Their prey is a wide variety of animals from cattle to zebras, buffaloes to warthogs, and many more.

Adding this Papo Lioness With Cub Figure to the toys you use to stimulate the child or children in your life is an excellent choice; one of so many fine Papo products.

  • Offers a level of superb hand-painted realism, fine detail and a quality finish.

  • Provides a terrific method of building young imaginations, and in game play.

  • It's suitable for children age three and above.

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