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With her adorable pet kitten nestled under her chin, beautiful Princess Chloe is a heroine who's sure to capture the hearts of fairytale lovers everywhere.

This gorgeous hand-painted figure is part of Papo's Enchanted World collection, in which royalty and mythical beasts live side by side. Princess Chloe can join other enchanted characters as they embark on magical adventures - they can host a fairy ball at the castle, or ride into the woods on the back of a unicorn. There are so many possibilities for playtime fun with Princess Chloe.

The Princess also has her own sweet back story: the kitten she is holding has been her best friend since childhood. One day she found him at a bend, lost and alone. She took pity on the poor little feline and brought him home. To this day, the kind and gentle princess continues to look after the little lost cat, and she makes sure he's surrounded by love every day.

  • Manufacturer recommended age three years and above.

  • Made in France using high-quality, durable plastic.

  • Princess Chloe is an ideal toy for children who enjoy imaginative play.

  • Hand-painted and moulded to look as realistic as possible.

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3 years+



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