Papo Red Bowman Figure

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Young knights and adventurers will love playing with the Papo Red Bowman figure, a high-quality toy with many engaging features. This toy is made in a highly accurate and well-researched style. The figure carries a longbow, and wears chainmail and a period-accurate helmet, as well as a realistic tunic, undershirt and leggings. The Papo Red Bowman figure is a great toy for encouraging imaginative play. Children will love using this toy to pretend to storm a castle or defeat their imaginary enemies.

The Papo Red Bowman figure is produced with a beautiful level of detail, right down to the patterns on the bowman's tunic and the individual chainmail links in his armour. The accurate design of the Papo Red Bowman figure makes it a fantastic educational tool, useful for teaching children about different types of soldiers and fighters who played a role in the many different conflicts of the medieval period. The Papo Red Bowman figure is an attractively-designed toy which is full of character and personality, and sure to become a favourite for your young adventurer. Whether they're re-enacting the Battle of Agincourt or slaying dragons in a fantasy world, your child's playtime will be enhanced with this toy.

  • Suitable for children aged three and up.

  • Hand-painted with an incredible level of detail.

  • The finished design is accurate to the time period.

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