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With his spear and shield at the ready, the Red Dragon King is determined to sail to victory in the royal tournament.

This beautifully detailed figure is part of Papo's Medieval Era collection. It has been moulded and hand-painted to give it a look of true realism. The Dragon King's spectacular suit of armour looks like it really could be made of iron!

The Red Dragon King would make a wonderful toy for any child who is inspired by Medieval history - they'll have hours of fun pretending to train him up for the big jousting battle in the castle grounds. Or if they want to expand on their playtime scenarios, then the Red Dragon King is compatible with other figures in the Medieval Era range. His legs are perfectly positioned so he can sit astride his trusty steed, or he could take on his arch-rival, the Blue Dragon King, in an epic battle to claim victory over the Medieval kingdom!

  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 years and above.

  • Red Dragon King figure stands at 10cm high.

  • Perfect toy for helping children develop their imaginative play skills.

  • Manufactured in France using high-quality, durable plastic.

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3 years+



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