Papo Running Cheetah Figure

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There is something majestic, even awe-inspiring, about a cheetah in full flight. In its natural African or Middle Eastern habitat, it prowls its territory with a feline grace that is as memorable as it is deadly.

If you want to introduce your young one(s) to the excitement of viewing animals such as this, then the Papo Running Cheetah Figure is a great choice. Papo has crafted products to help youngsters appreciate more about the world around them for around a quarter of a century.

You might want to talk to your child about the fact that a cheetah's gestation period is around three months, and cheetahs are usually no more than 500g at birth! Infant cheetahs have a mane down their back, for the first three months, to aid with camouflage when in grass. The cheetah's short muzzle and black tear-like marks are unique, and kids will love the fact that the cheetah is the fastest of land animals, with running speeds that can reach 115kph.

Take this superb opportunity to introduce youngsters to this proud Papo Running Cheetah Figure with these superb features...

  • Crafted in hand-painted plastic; perfect for ages three and upwards.

  • A superbly realistic expression of this truly great creature.

  • A perfect choice for games and activities to stretch the young imagination.

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3 years+



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