Papo Silver Unicorn Figure

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As your child dreams up stories in an enchanted world, this beautiful Papo Silver Unicorn Figure helps bring those stories to life. Magical and mysterious, this legendary creature is gentle and shy, meaning your child will have a special bond with this unicorn.

Helping to unlock children’s imaginations and encouraging creative play, Papo’s fantasy models are based on realms of adventure where there’s bound to be knights, dragons, princes, princesses, knights, elves, fairies and, of course, unicorns. These carefully crafted figurines are incredibly detailed to add realism to your child’s fairy tale world. Encouraging hours of play, it’s a good job the Papo silver unicorn figure is robust and can withstand lots of excited play.

The mythical beast has power in its golden horn that can heal any sick or injured characters in the adventurous games ahead. Your child is the only one who can summon it and it will gallop to the rescue, shimmering in the sunlight with its magical glow.

  • The detailed design depicts a white unicorn with a flowing silver mane and tail, a golden horn and a pink butterfly on its back.

  • The unicorn model is hand-painted.

  • This durable figurine is robust enough for continuous play.

  • The high-quality model is also highly collectible.

  • The attention to detail helps spark your child’s imagination.

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3 years+



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