Papo Smilodon Figure

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Ignite your imagination with this fearsome feline from the past!

The Smilodon, also known as the Sabre-Tooth Tiger, first appeared about 2.5 million years ago and has been recreated today in this figurine with realistic detail, ideal for imaginative play. The Sabre-Tooth Tiger gained its nickname from its sharp canines that could grow to an impressive 20cm, recreated with awesome detail in this fun figurine (not to scale!)

This prehistoric predator would live and hunt in packs just like the modern lions of today, taking down beasts such as the bison or sometimes the mighty woolly mammoth. Encourage their learning and imagination with this figurine and explore the exciting ancient world after the dinosaurs where the powerful Smilodon ruled. This model is a perfect toy for any little historian or budding nature enthusiast and makes a great addition to any dinosaur or animal lover's collection to expand their imaginations and knowledge.

  • Hand-painted for a realistic finish.

  • Perfect for hands-on, tactile imaginative and educational play.

  • Features impressive detail such as the iconic sabre teeth that gave the creature its nickname.

  • Captures the Smilodon's mighty roar in a powerful prowling pose.

  • Recommended for ages three and up.

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3 years+



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