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The Tyrannosaurus Rex is known as the King of the Dinosaurs and this realistic toy shows why! Around 70 million years ago, Tyrannosaurus Rex was a powerful predator weighing around 6 tonnes, it was nearly 12 metres long and had teeth up to 20cm long. Although this figurine comes on a much smaller scale, this is still an impressive beast. With incredible attention to detail showing all of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s famous features, this figure is ideal for any young dinosaur fan. This model T-Rex has the razor-sharp teeth, muscular legs, huge tail and tiny arms of the original dinosaur. The intricate hand-painted realistic features provide educational benefits so your child can learn all about their favourite dinosaur and the model will look great on display in any bedroom.

Perfect for imaginative play to enhance language, social and emotional skills, this hand-painted toy will keep children occupied for hours with endless dinosaur attacks and rampages! The moveable lower jaw adds extra interest and means the model seems even more lifelike. The dinosaur can really show off those terrifying teeth and children will enjoy pretending the toy is talking, roaring or eating.

  • Moveable jaw.

  • Realistic representation.

  • Handpainted intricate detail.

  • Promotes imaginative play.

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3 years+



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