Papo Tigress With Cub Figure

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Imaginative kids who love animals will have hours of fun playing with this Papo Tigress with Cub figure, a great quality toy with fantastic features. This realistic, hand-painted toy is a lifelike replica of one of the world's best-loved exotic animals, showing the tigress and her cub at a crucial stage in their life cycle - the point where the cub is totally defenceless and relies on its mother for comfort and protection. Animal-loving children will be delighted with this addition to their toybox.

The Papo Tigress with Cub figure is an excellent way to teach children about animal life cycles and how tigers live in the wild. Combined with your child's favourite tiger-themed storybook or documentary, this toy can be an educational tool as well as a fun addition to your child's playtime routine. Great for solo or parent-led play, the Papo Tigress with Cub figure is not only a fantastic way to learn about animal life cycles and behaviours but will also become a beloved and favourite toy for your young animal-lover. The detailed, hand-painted finish captures tigers' personalities and makes the figurine an attractive addition to a nursery or playroom.

  • Suitable for 3 years and above.

  • Hand-painted.

  • Realistic figurine.

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3 years+



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