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Find the beat with our fun Paw Patrol guitar and introduce your toddler to the exciting world of music. Let them strum the strings to help ignite their creative spark. Either by playing with your toddler or giving them the freedom to play, you have peace of mind knowing that this guitar is appropriate for their age. Suitable for children over the age of three, the Paw Patrol Guitar lets them experience music early without the dangers of adult instruments.

Beautifully decorated with Paw Patrol stickers, the guitar is visually appealing with a bright blue body and red neck. It's easy to carry and designed with four strings, meaning your little one can take it wherever they fancy! It's perfect for small hands and safe for their use. Don't worry if they've got no musical experience otherwise - this fantastic guitar only requires curiosity to get your child excited about a life full of musical tunes!

  • Recommended Age 3 +.

  • Carry it with ease around the home or on adventures beyond the front door.

  • Create some music and step into the world of creativity.

  • Designed specifically for toddlers to introduce them into creative playtime.

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3 years+


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