Paw Patrol Marshall - Toddler Costume

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Ready up Marshall, it’s time to save the day, my friend! With the Paw Patrol Marshall costume, you can ensure that your child gets their creative juices flowing all while igniting their imagination. Hold up Marshall, there’s a fire - as a puppy dalmatian, your little one is sure to stand out during playtime. Putting out fires and keeping others in order, it's your kid's job to sniff out the trouble. He may be a puppy, but he’s sure got a sixth sense for danger and is more than able to save the day!

For the recommended age of three years old, the marshall costume is designed for comfort and playtime. Help your child stand out from the crowd with legs and arms decorated with large black spots, customary to the dalmatian theme. The body is red, signature to the Marshall theme, ensuring your child fills their role as puppy Marshall. With this delightful Paw Patrol costume, you can make time for your child to have creative, imaginative playtime involving friends or family.

  • Designed for comfort and playtime.

  • Ignite your child's creativity and play with friends or family.

  • Help your kid stand-out as a marshall dalmatian with a sixth sense for danger.

  • Toddler size suitable for children aged 2 to 3 years old.

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2 years+


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