Peppa Pig: Peppas New Friend

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In this charming full-colour picture book, children can join Peppa Pig (star of the BAFTA award-winning kids TV show) on another adventure of fun and learning.

Peppa loves going to school, and what could be more fun than making a new friend? Gerald the Giraffe is new in town, and he's finding it difficult to fit in! Peppa tries to help with a game of hide and seek, but Gerald is a little taller than the other children, and he finds it hard to join in. Happily, the children discover that 'different' doesn't mean 'bad' when a toy monkey, a bouncy ball, and a tortoise get stuck high, high up in a tree! Gerald comes to the rescue and new friends are made all around.

Suitable for readers aged 2 to 6, 'Peppa Pig: Peppa's New Friend' is a sixteen-page story published by Ladybird and available in this sturdy, 17.6 x 17.6 cm board book. Teach your kids to get on with everyone, and even help show them that their own differences are just strengths waiting to be revealed.

  • A new Peppa Pig adventure!

  • Meet brand new character Gerald Giraffe.

  • A story about the differences we all encounter in life, and how we can turn them into positives.

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