Perfectly Norman

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A story for kids everywhere, Perfectly Norman is here to inspire everyone to be themselves and to let their colourful personalities shine freely. Tom Percival writes a story of a normal boy Norman whose life turns out to be incredible once he unexpectedly grows out wings.

The novel sees Norman humorously struggling with flying, but also with telling other people he is special. When he decides to hide his uniqueness even from his parents, the author sends an important message about individuality and how it’s necessary to always be yourself.

With stunning illustrations that will make this story even more fun for your children, this novel is a widely popular choice for a bedtime story and afternoon entertainment. It will be a fun way for your kids to learn reading, too. Perfectly Norman is their gate to the wonderful world of children’s literature.

Teaching your kids that being different can be wonderful, this book is dedicated to children with a wild imagination. Percival’s poignant storytelling is sure to become your child’s favourite entertainment.

Inspiring and uplifting, Perfectly Norman will also teach your children to love and appreciate reading from a young age. But most importantly, it will teach them to enjoy being themselves, no matter what.

  • Inspiring story about individuality

  • Written and illustrated by Tom Percival

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5 years+



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