PJ Masks: Supermoon Adventure

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That Luna Girl is a real baddie! And there's terrible news! She's taken trouble to a whole new level as she's created a brand new fortress way up there on the moon.

Where are Catboy, Owlette and Gekko when you really need them? Setting out on a rescue mission of course! Off they bravely go, into the night to save the day, taking their PJ Rocket all the way up into the cold, dark and forbidding night sky. We know that Gekko is going to be especially brave as he really doesn't like being so far away from home.

Will they defeat Luna Girl's evil schemes? We're betting they will - as soon as six-year-olds Connor, Amaya and Greg climb into their PJs and activate their animal amulets, the world is on its way to being saved.

Your child will believe they are right there with this terrific PJ Masks Supermoon Adventure. In their mind's eye they'll see themselves side by side with the the PJ Masks trio, bravely overcoming Luna Girl's dastardly schemes and making sure the Moon can shine brightly for us all. Phew!

  • Suitable for stretching the imagination of young ones of three years old and upwards.

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3 years+



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