PJ Masks Mission Control HQ Playset

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Children love PJ Masks and will be thrilled with all the fun and adventures they can have with this playset. Now they can feel like part of the show and play with their favourite night-time heroes. This headquarters opens into three levels, providing hours of fun and entertainment for your child to replay favourite scenes from the show or inspire their imagination and creativity by creating their own.

Children can think of new adventures for their heroes, ways to get them out of trouble and methods to ensure that they always outsmart the villains.

There’s so much to do. Use the secret trap door to capture the villains, lock them up in the lightning bolt cage, use the control panel to activate lights and hear phrases from the show and send figures down the corkscrew pole. Use the feather dark launcher as a defence against intruders and use the Gekko Shield to defend the heroes.

  • Encourages inspirational storytelling in young minds.

  • The figures included are Catboy and Romeo.

  • Both figures stand at 7.5cm tall. They can accommodate all seven masks.

  • Other figures are available to purchase separately, to add to the fun.

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3 years+



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