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With the PJ Masks PJ Seeker, you'll always be ready for action against those pesky Night-time Villians! Team up with all your favourite characters, including Gekko, Cat Boy and Owlette, and triumph over evil with all the PJ Seeker's awesome, fun features.

Imagine all your favourite adventures and use the detachable carrier to transport up to 4 vehicles whilst using the light-up searchlight to scan around for hiding enemies! Catch them red-handed and release the Seeker's cabin with a simple push of a button before trapping those Night-time Villains in the convenient, detachable cage. And if they're still getting away, use the incredible disc-launcher to stop them in their tracks! The PJ Seeker also features a handy pull out ramp, a drop-down side door and, if that wasn't already enough, there are amazing lights and sounds for action-packed, immersive fun!

The possibilities are endless and exciting with the PJ Seeker. You'll be sure to save the day again and again with so many fun features and creative ways to catch those Night-time Villains!

  • Includes a Catboy Figure and Mini Cat Car.

  • The show-inspired design makes for authentic play.

  • Imagine hundreds of adventures with multiple moving, detachable and light up parts!

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3 years+



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