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Kids love this Plan Toys Clatter musical instrument. The wooden toy is painted in bright and bold colours for visual skill development. Watch as your children move their hands up and down so that the wooden pieces hit each other, making a beautiful clattering sound. As is usual with the Plan Toys brand, all of their paint is eco-friendly and non-toxic. They also only use sustainable rubberwood so that little ones can chew on it as much as they want. Using toys such as the Clatter helps to encourage your child’s learning through playtime.

When toddlers get hold of their toys we know that they don’t usually last as long as you would like. Choosing Plan Toys means you have a safe, durable and repairable toy which is much more likely to last. Plan Toys combine tradition and with modern techniques for child development, using bright colours, challenges and sounds to stimulate your child’s creativity. Toys such as the Clatter will also help to promote social interactions. 

  • This toy contains no small parts so is suitable for children aged 18 months and older

  • All Plan Toys have been made using sustainable materials and any paint or dyes used are non-toxic.

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Plan Toys

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