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Inspire your child's inner musician with this beautiful concertina from Plan Toys. Constructed with latex and recycled rubberwood, this durable instrument will help children to develop their musical and spatial perception and provide hours of creative, pretend play.

The concertina features two sturdy blue straps for children to slide their hands into, providing a comfortable, effortless grip. They can then experiment with pushing, pulling and squeezing the concertina to see what pitches and melodies they can create. Children will soon learn to master the instrument and will understand that different forces produce different sounds. With this growing knowledge, children will be able to develop their musical skills, control the notes and begin to compose their own, unique melodies. Plan Toys have carefully constructed this instrument to have an authentic concertina-like sound, ensuring that your child's music can be enjoyed by all the family.

The Plan Toys Concertina features the bright and eye-catching primary colours of red, yellow and blue, creating a cheerful and classic look. The timeless appeal and durability of the instrument will ensure that it remains a family favourite for many years.

The concertina is suitable for children from 18 months old, but will appeal to toddler, preschoolers and older children too! 

  • Suitable from 18 months.

  • Made from ethically sourced latex and rubberwood.

  • Sensory toy.

  • Designed to support children’s musical skills and spatial perception.

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18 months+


Plan Toys

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