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Meet Diplo, the cute little Dino Car who's destined to become your toddler's new best friend!

This little wooden Diplodocus is part of Plan Toys Dino Cars range. He is made entirely from sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as preservative-free natural rubberwood.

Diplo is just under 11cm high and sits on top of four chunky blue wheels, so he's the perfect toy for tiny hands. By pushing and pulling Diplo across the floor, babies will be able to develop their fine motor skills and discover all about cause and effect.

For toddlers and older children, Diplo is the ideal toy to help them get creative and begin to explore the depths of their imagination; they could join Diplo for a time-travelling adventure back to the Jurassic age, or even put him on display at their own dinosaur museum! Whatever scenario they dream up, they're guaranteed to have hours of fun playing with their new dino pal.

  • Manufacturer recommended age 1 year +

  • Made from sustainably sourced materials

  • Great toy for children who are beginning to engage in pretend play

  • Helps encourage the development of motor skills in babies and younger toddlers

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1 year+


Plan Toys

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