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This exciting set from Plan Toys is perfect for your creative little doctors-to-be!

Suitable for ages three and over, it contains five fantastic medical instruments to allow for pretend play, cognitive development and imagination-building as well as teaching children empathy.

Set contains a blood pressure monitor, a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, a syringe, a thermometer and, of course, the red doctor’s bag.

Children love to pretend; whether it be playing chef, cops and robbers or racing drivers. Pretend play is one of the best ways for children to use their creativity and imagination to their fullest.

Medical role play has many benefits in helping children develop and learn new skills, not to mention preparing them for possible visits to their doctor. Many children suffer from anxiety when visiting a doctor or the hospital, whether it be for a routine check-up, vaccinations or if they are generally feeling poorly, with many doctors suggesting children play with a set such as this in advance to get them familiar with the various instruments they may need in the future.

  • Suitable for ages 3 and over

  • Brightly coloured and perfectly sized for little hands

  • Encourages pretend play

  • Builds confidence and imagination

  • Teaches empathy

  • Prepares children for visits to the doctor

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3 years+


Plan Toys

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