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Keep your little one busy as a beaver whilst trying to keep up with this stunning game from Plan Toys. Timber Tumble is a wooden puzzle game where the aim is to remove as many of the tree stumps whilst not toppling the beaver who is perched at the top. It’s very much a furry version of the old classic Jenga! Use the wooden stick provided to poke out a wooden log and slowly lower the beaver from the top of the dam to the bottom. The wooden frame acts as the dam and the pieces have been designed specifically for small hands.

Set up the game with your child by using the u-shaped dam holder and stack the wooden log blocks that come in different sizes. The game is great for quick rounds and we love that it can really help with your child’s hand-eye coordination. It encourages concentration and patience while also teaching strategy. Timber Tumble can be played with up to four people but can also be used as a single-player game for open-ended construction and creative block play. 

  • This is a sensory toy that promotes problem-solving, logic skills, strategy and hand-eye coordination.

  • The toy measures 11.5cm x 5.3cm x 15.8 cm.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

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3 years+


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