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Every DIY enthusiast needs a little helper, and the Plan Toys Tool Belt will enable your little one to be just that!

This is the perfect toy for children who are starting to engage in pretend play - they can strap on their tool belt and copy mum or dad while they're getting odd jobs done around the home. Before long, they will be finding things to 'fix' everywhere they go; whether they're tightening a loose screw on a toy box hinge, or fixing a wobbly chair leg, there's no limit to the fun they can have!

The belt is made from black cotton and has pockets for different wooden tools - a wrench, a hammer, a spirit level, a screwdriver, and a nut and bolt set. All of the tools are made from natural rubberwood, and each one is no bigger than 12cm high, making them the perfect size for little hands. Children will not only have the chance to get creative using this toy, they'll also develop their hand-eye coordination skills as they learn to handle all the different tools.

  • Manufacturer recommended age 3 years +

  • Belt and tools made from sustainable materials

  • Tool belt designed to fit up to a 25-inch waist

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3 years+


Plan Toys

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