Playmobil City Action Airport Fire Engine with Lights and Sound

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There’s a fire on the airstrip so call on the PLAYMOBIL City Action Airport Fire Engine with Lights and Sound to help put it out!

As the fire engine screeches down the runway, its siren blares out and its blue lights flash so that everyone knows the firemen are responding to the emergency and are on their way to help. Two of these firefighters wasted no time to be ready and were seated in the fire engine’s cab quickly by jumping through the open roof. There’s space in the cab for one more, but he’s holding onto the ladder attached to the back of the fire engine, ready to hop off and start unhooking the equipment.

When the vehicle stops, they open the two big equipment drawers at the side and take items off of the shelf that’s just under the roof. They have traffic cones to cordon off the area, loudspeakers to make sure their instructions are heard, axes and brooms to deal with the debris, and torches to see in dark places.

One fireman wheels out the hose while another climbs the ladder to the vehicle’s roof to operate the extinguisher arm. No fire is too difficult to extinguish with this flexible arm! From the highest flames to those underneath an aeroplane’s deck, the water pump on the arm is sure to put them out.

  • Equipped with different sounds from the siren and flashing lights

  • Includes two PLAYMOBIL firefighters with lots of accessories

  • An interactive toy to promote learning through fun play

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the small parts

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4 years+



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