Playmobil Floating Pirate Raft

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Ready to take on the open seas? Playmobil’s Floating Pirate Raft is the ideal toy to help your children protect their fellow pirates and defend their honour!

Constructing the raft will help to capture your child’s attention, develop hand-eye coordination skills and spark their imagination. This raft floats on water and features two firing and rotating cannons, enabling a quick getaway in times of trouble.

This raft is bound to provide hours of entertainment and water-filled fun. Plus, the inclusion of 2 Playmobil pirates is the perfect way to inspire creative play and would be the ideal gift for children aged four and above who want to make the most of their summer holidays. Extend the pirate adventure with other Playmobil sets, available as a separate order. 

  • Suitable for children aged four and above

  • Actually floats on water, providing endless entertainment

  • Two firing, rotating cannons to enable young pirates to escape the siege and claim victory

  • Includes 2 Playmobil pirates, ideal for interactive play

  • Extend and upgrade the adventure with other Playmobil sets

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the small parts

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4 years+



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