Playmobil Ghostbusters Slimer with Hot Dog Stand

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Do you want mustard, ketchup or slime on that? Euch! The hungry Slimer is wreaking havoc at his favourite snack stand. Your kid will have hours of fun playing with the PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Hot Dog Stand with Slimer as the mischievous ghoul tries to eat…well, everything in sight…before the Ghostbusters turn up to catch him.

Splashing slime in every direction, the green ghost is gobbling up hotdogs and hamburgers and slurping on fizzy drinks as though his afterlife depends on it. The exasperated hotdog vendor has given up trying to chase him away so gets more food stacked up to try and satisfy this greedy monster’s massive appetite. With despair, he looks around at his hotdog stand, which now has green slime dripping all over the umbrella and counter.

Filled with details and accessories your kid will love, the PLAYMOBIL Ghostbusters Hot Dog Stand with Slimer lets their imagination run as wild as the pesky ghost. Encouraging creative play, this toy includes a wheeled hotdog stand attached to a bike for the hotdog vendor to cycle to different locations. Never one to miss a free meal, Slimer’s arms move up and down, and he can even hold food or other items too. Splats of slime add effect by sticking to smooth surfaces.

  • The wheels turn on the bike

  • Patches of slime adhere to flat surfaces

  • The hotdog stand includes a storage crate, food, drinks, condiments, a menu board and an umbrella

  • The hotdog vendor has an apron and tongs

  • Slimer has movable arms and hands that can grip items

  • WARNING: Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the small parts

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6 years+



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